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Inforce is an expert in database software creation, utilizing Azure SQL Database Cloud services from Microsoft. We are able to use the same architecture as SQL Servers to create Cloud networks. Cloud networks are just like bank accounts receiving continuous deposits of money, only they receive continuous deposits of data. So, how can we save large volumes data, while at the same time keep it safe from theft or loss; save it in a cloud.

This is the benefit of using the Microsoft Cloud system.

【Upsizing to Azure SQL Database Seminars held by Microsoft Access Team Japan】 
Dates: March 7, 2012 (Wednesday) - Place: Microsoft Headquarters in Japan

  1. Hardware and Software Flexibility
    You do not need to maintain both hardware and software, but can use both when needed.
  2. Low Running Costs
    When employing the services of a data center, it costs hundreds of thousands of yen every month. Using a Microsoft Cloud service, the typical monthly cost is from around 10,000 yen to 30,000.
  3. We do not require server maintenance
    Server resident monitoring, air conditioning/cooling system management, backup scheduling, etc. is required, because servers will breakdown or malfunction with a lack of maintenance. However, without specialized knowledge or expertise, it may prove impossible to perform these tasks in-house. We at Inforce believe that such costs in small and medium-sized enterprises can be affordable, if left to Microsoft.
  4. Regarding Microsoft technology…
    Microsoft believes that where there is a problem with quality, this is a critical mission to resolve. Issues related to speed and performance, have improved considerably, and with servers located abroad, localized problems with connectivity have become obsolete.
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