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Indispensable Books for Access Developers

The following books were authored by Inforce engineers for ACCESS development. Please note that our links to the Microsoft and Dell homepage portals are also available on this page.

The long-awaited, how-to Upsizing book written by Inforce has been completed at last. This new book can be called ‘The Bible of Upsizing’, which includes server modi operandi which was accumulated over a period of 5 years. Now available at your neighborhood bookstore.
Book title
 Practice Access Upsizing
 Inforce Co., Ltd.
 2,400 yen + tax (list price 2,510 yen)
Publication date
 July 2008
This book is an Access development lecture which received a very favorable reception when released by the magazine DB, published by Shoeisha.
Please consider it to be another ‘must-have’ book regarding Access development.
Book title
 Access Development Practice Know-How
 Inforce Co., Ltd. Koutaro Maeno et al.
 2,400 yen + tax (list price 2,510 yen)
Publication date
 January 2007
Database System Utilization Technology - DB Magazine
Publisher - Shoeisha Co., Ltd.
[New Title] DB System Reform Lecture with Access
Author - Kotaro Maeno Inforce Co., Ltd. Chief

A technical information magazine for database system construction, for skill development. Inforce’s articles are often published by DB, and will be compiled in the near future, to be released as a book for Access developers. Please keep on the look-out for it.
UP to 10 Times the Power ? An Encyclopedia of Access VBA Utilization for Business!
Publisher - Institute for C & R / ISBN:4903111075
Author - Inforce Co., Ltd. Technical Advisor: Naotake Etoh

A book including the subject matter that an active SE author developed himself, the opinions and developers and customers of various types of SEs are explained, in addition to the focus on the necessary IT security functions for business demanded by company executives.
Expert Skill Development - Advanced & Technical Encyclopedia Skills for Using Access VBA
Natsume, Inc. Publisher: / ISBN:4816336567
Inforce Co., Ltd. Technical Advisor Author: Naotake Etoh

This book is "a time to learn the basic VBA grammar, and useful tricks that everyone will want to try now". Very handy for the readers that explains the techniques that, even if you do not understand all the expertise in VBA, will be able to take advantage of your favorite page in the system open to "all the doors." In addition, the included CD-ROM also has a sample source.
AccessVBA Tricks for First Time Users
Shuwa System Publisher: / ISBN:4798007528
Inforce Co., Ltd. Technical Advisor Author: Naotake Etoh

Along with examples in the form of frequently encountered issues during programming, the book describes technique tricks for developing AccessVBA.
Over 250 published techniques readily performable in the field, with simple step-by-step instructions for beginners.
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