Company Mission Statement

  • To remove the ineffective qualities or inefficiencies from the product development side, and work with clients to create products that best meet their needs and requirements.
  • To suggest solutions considered to possess the most precise suitability, without changing the fundamental development environment.
  • To maintain usable functions and simple designs which enhance the product, while realizing maximum efficiency.
  • To not neglect the benefits of every device or program, and to reflect on utilizing development speed, while at the same time working towards the goal of a better product.
  • To build employee proficiency and capabilities through cooperation and determination, and striving for company-wide improvement in all aspects of employee performance and relationships.
  • To be able to identify techniques that are best suited for fulfilling the expectations of our clientele.
  • To work with clients on equal terms and with the utmost professionalism, developing beneficial products and services that satisfy their interests, and lead to their success.

Company Profile

Company Name Inforce Co., Ltd.
Date Established July 24, 2003
Operating Capital 48,256,500 JPN Yen (Capital Reserves - 9,056,500 JPN Yen)
Company executive
CEO Tsuyoshi Hamamatsu
Vice president Kazuhiko Nishi
  Koji Aoyama
  Ryohei Kuriyama
Auditor   Masaki Murakami
Company Address
Tokyo Head Office
1-17-27, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to, 104-0033, Japan,
TEL - 03-5542-8787
  • Green Sheet Brand Publicly Traded Company (Securities Code - 3144)
  • Tokyo Authorization Management Innovation Plan, Authorized Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Approved BI Partner
  • Member of Microsoft IT Promotion Committee -Nationwide
  • NEC infoFrame Works Partner
  • Dell ISV Arena Participation Partner
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorization [9 Ikuyo 6] - Digital Open Network Business Co-op - Nationwide
  • Business Computerization Promotion Group Representative for Small and Medium-Sized Companies
  • Director of the Association of Ability for The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Authorized by the Social Economic Productivity Headquarters - Promoting NPO Cooperation
  • Cooperative Eyewear Association Member - Hokkaido
  • Member of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Tokyo Small and Medium-Sized Industrialist Kindred Soul Society

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