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Thank you for visiting the Inforce website!
It has been said that there are more than 10,000 IT vendors in Japan, but Inforce is proud to be characteristically unique in many ways from the others.
We make a concerted effort every day to create additional value for clients, while striving to meet customer’s development requirements by putting ourselves in their shoes.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any IT needs or requests that you have.

What makes us different from other companies?

There are said to be 7,000 IT vendors in the country,
but Inforce is in a class all its own, with significantly different development techniques.

1 Focusing primarily on the development of Access we have produced several hundred successful case studies, making us the leader in this field. For companies specializing in the field called Access development, no one has more experience and success than Inforce.
2 As experts in Upsizing from Access to SQLServer, there are very few companies which can match our expertise technically, and as a trusted Microsoft partner, you can find our professional development example on their official homepage. Additionally, a self-study book and streaming media illustrate Inforce’s presence as a reliable institution in the field.
3 Microsoft trusts Inforce’s development expertise, and endorses us as a co-development partner, co-operating by holding more than a hundred seminars together, jointly promoting the strengths of our products.
4 Inforce’s Upsizing technology is No. 1 in the world. Our software ‘Earthshaker’, used to perform automatic Upsizing is unique in the world, and is recognized as the world #1 SQLServer Migration Assistant (SSMA) by the Access development team at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. With this recognition, Inforce is currently engaged in R&D projects with a special Microsoft Access team there.
5 Not only as a Certified Gold Partner and member of Microsoft’s nationwide IT promotion team, Inforce actively participates as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with contracted industry leader partners like Dell, to promote joint projects in the field of Upsizing, AS4 and BI. In addition, Inforce also works with major IT companies such as NEC, Toshiba Information Appliance and SOFTBANK BB, demonstrating our importance as a partner not only in Japan, but also internationally.
6 Inforce performs screen design creation, using the talents of a design expert that can fulfill any application requests our clients may have. For any questions about screen design, please feel free to check with our designer at the time of development.
7 Although it is believed that most so-called “talented” technicians in the IT industry are from dispatch companies, all of Inforce’s development comes from our own staff who undertake the creation of all the products produced for clients. As a result, because we do not subcontract, there is no intermediary exploitation, and we own 100% of the development responsibility.
8 If you have a private enterprise or small office, the development of an inexpensive system is possible, but more important than cost, the support for the product is vital and varies greatly depending on the system development company. Inforce conducts performs complete system service by establishing a follow-through system of organization which is different from other companies.
9 As creating a system that will enable the effective use of data management systems in timely ways, while at the same time creating a product of high quality and at a high standard, when focusing on standardization, commodification, and manual plan creation with an elegant and sophisticated design.
10 Due to the high standard of quality in our products, we do not engage in any commercial price competition. However, past techniques and system planning experiences are shared with potential clients, and models and plans encompassing every possible development strategy and cost reduction by various devices and company efforts.
11 As for the pricing of this system, the individual client needs to establish the primary base for pricing, although there is no fixed rate for system development. A standard assessment will be performed, and the price will be transparently fixed, keeping in mind the client’s budget requests.
12 We have extensive know-how about client/server system construction in a WAN (Wide Area Network) environment that links warehouses to head offices, using NTT FLET'S ADSL group Access systems. The construction of client/server-type cloud systems is very possible with our approach and technology.
13 We have an original management philosophy and methodology that promotes small and medium-sized business computerization. Ineffective or inefficient IT performance is transformed into successful strategies for client growth and empowerment.
14 We are Green Sheet, Japanese stock market listed company (securities code 3144)

Request Process

  1. For all enquiries, please contact us by telephone 03-6230-4334

  2. 1. Tell us what kind of service you require.

  3. 2. We make an estimate.

  4. 3. Inforce produces a trial product (prototype).

  5. 4. You have the opportunity to trial the product, and provide us with your modification requests.

  6. 5. Operative tests are performed (bug corrections).

  7. 6. Process completion (product leasing is also possible).

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