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Development Concept

Inforce’s system development is different from conventional methods in some respects. From extremely small system development, to large-scale system construction, Inforce recognizes the importance of designs that perform integration growth, while not losing sight of client budget and business scale. In Japan, from police stations to big companies, 90% of the core systems servicing the needs of most small and medium-sized business can be provided through our Access systems. Through specialized, technical design specifications, cost savings of tens of millions of yen can utilize your network system so that it will be able to cross function with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Inforce would be happy to discuss all of your unique needs and requirements, and tell you how our systems could benefit your company.

We look forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship with your company.

Our Service

Access - Fundamental Development Strategy

Access is a very flexible system that can be easily applied to system development. It may be said that it is a database system of number 1 functionality that performs sophisticated operations, with simple methods. While building a true Access system for a company is considered a job for a professional, and in its development the cost may run into several hundred or tens of millions of yen, there is a right way to go about building the system, so that the initial cost is justified and the results are successful. We are professionals in creating systems that can be used by small to mid-sized companies, from specialized minor system development to core computer systems. If you require Access system development, leave it to the experts at Inforce!

Access & SQL Server (Azure SQL Database) / Client Server System

While Access is superior in its ease of development, it does falter slightly stability-wise, when the quantity of data increases. We recognize that there are no problems with Access system management if backup is diligently performed. However, if a full-scale client/server is required then it becomes necessary to not only maintain the system, but perhaps upsize to a SQL Server.
Inforce can perform not only this upsizing, but can also expand the duties of the system to grow with the company smoothly, expanding to the needed scale is in this way is possible without a large amount of immediate investment. We pride ourselves on being able to make this a reality for clients.

Implementation of Microsoft Products

If you are in need of assistance with Microsoft product initialization, please talk to our experts about the new features of AccessServices, and how Access can strengthen web functions, SharePoint, BI, Exchange, Cloud (Azure), and how a specific system can enhance your business.

Maintenance / Infrastructure Maintenance

Access systems made by us may require maintenance to be performed on a regular basis, but particularly when the clients IT staff change, so that their use is kept at an optimal level. As we cooperate with specialized suppliers in the fields of infrastructure and design construction, Inforce performs system construction similar to that of the type used by datacenters.


Including the automatic Upsizing software "Genjyoudaha Gekishin ", Inforce can produce production control packages for restaurant or convenience chain store management, etc.

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