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The Access product team at Microsoft’s U.S head office  recognized Inforce as an Access specialist. Rated No.1 in Japan for all areas of Access Development.Rated No.1 in the world for migrating from Access to SQL Server.(As recognized by Microsoft)First company in the world to upsize from Access to Azure. (As recognized by Microsoft)Previous participants of U.S based Access product team.(The only company from Japan)Maintains current relationships with U.S product teams of Access, SQL Server and Azure.Member of Azure’s U.S Service Bus Advisor group.Held over 100 collaborative seminars with Microsoft Japan.Published various written works about Access related systems.
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Inforce is a pioneer of Access Development, recognized and accepted by both Microsoft in Japan and the U.S.

Microsoft Partner

Who are we? Inforce is a pioneer of Access Development, recognized and accepted by both Microsoft in Japan and the U.S. as an important technical partner, working on promoting projects with the Microsoft’s Global Access Development team in America.
While paying careful attention to the development needs for small and mid-size companies, specializing in various platforms of development from specialized smaller systems, to large scale core-computer systems construction, Inforce strives to develop unique systems with a focus on Access development around cloud systems. In addition to Access system development, Inforce also specializes in upsizing to SQL Server /Azure SQL Database and WAN (Wide Area Network). While LAN (Local Area Network) is used to build networks on site, WAN is used to build networks in head or branch offices, factories, and physically remote environments such as warehouses. Although a method using a system called VPN (Virtual Private Network) is commonplace now, Inforce utilizes a cheaper, higher-speed WAN environment system construction, relying on NTT’s FLET'S high speed ADSL group access system that provides strong security and good wide area processing. Using this original technique allows for improved system introduction and service, and successfully meets the demands for clients wishing to grow.

Way of thinking of the step-up type system introduction

Our step-by-step approach minimizes risk
Back Scratcher

This original technique has been made possible for the first time because Inforce’s unique approach. A top-rated, U.S. and Japan Microsoft evaluated development and system construction system, localizes the benefits of upsizing technology. Thanks to the spirit of cooperation with Microsoft, Inforce is able to specialize in the development of a wide line of products that customers can use to best maximize their Microsoft software use; such as BackScratcher, our custom tailored development software program, that helps to satisfy the specific needs of individual customers.

World No.1 with technology Upsizing

We are the solution vendors which perform very rare ADP upsizing technically alone in the world in Japan.
The ADP upsizing is a technique to convert a system of Access being used at a small level, into a real client/server system using SQL Server, without changing the look.
We can convert the system made by you into a professional system.

Rated No.1 for migrating from Access to SQL Server.

Upsizing from Access to SQL Server

Our technology has been recognized by Microsoft

Held over 100 collaborative seminars with Microsoft Japan.

We are Microsoft Certified Partners, but more than the?simple title, they have backed us up for over 10 years. This is because our technique is appreciated by Microsoft and has already been introduced in seminars more than 100 times, along with their promotions, official website, and has resulted in a lot of collaborations with Microsoft.

U.S. Microsoft head office research and development team participation in planning

We participated in the Access development team of the US Microsoft head office as a special member. We held an approved technique at a world level in the Microsoft head office, hence, we were admitted participation. We cannot discuss highly confidential information but our participation as the representative of Access developers reached Access users around the world. This was an exceptional and rare case for a company of our scale.

I write an up sizing self-study book in Microsoft

-New Service- Design System

The design characteristics of the system depend on the sense of the engineer. However, the design sense of the engineer is not necessarily the best.? After all, there is natural design coding in a product. We perform the final system?coding designed by the demand of the customer. Our final result is very user friendly.

Design System

System design tailored to the needs of customers
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