For inquiries related to Access (SQL Server) development and questions about Access Up-Sizing, please either complete and email the Inquiry form below, or fax it to us. We will reply to all inquiries at the earliest opportunity.

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1 : Do I require more simple system development?
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2 : From question # 1, if selecting ‘Absolutely’ or ‘Mostly’, what kind of system development is necessary?
Construction of a core computer system for my company Data analysis and documents creation
Data reduction that I manage in EXCEL Processing not possible with general-purpose software
Data exchange/transfer for remote locations I.E. –branch offices to head office Other
3 : Regarding question #2, what is your budget for developing the system?
500,000 yen or less 500,000 yen - 1 million yen 1 million yen - 3 million yen
3 million yen - 5 million yen 5 million yen - 10 million yen 10 million yen - 20 million yen
More than 20 million yen  
4 : Would you require remote support that provides maintenance, provided in an inexpensive and timely way?
Required  Somewhat required  Not so necessary  Not necessary at all
5 : Does your interest also include BackScratcher?
Yes  Perhaps  No
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