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Use purpose of the personal information

Personal information about the visitor
  1. Shipment of the product
  2. Sending of the guidance of a product, service, the entertainment
  3. Offer of the product support maintenance
  4. Correspondence to an inquiry, consultation 
  5. Product development, questionary survey enforcement, monitor enforcement
  6. Observance of a contract of the contract
  7. The business talk with the visitor, meeting
Personal information for the stockholder
  1. Observance of a contract of the use, the duty of the right based on the commercial law
  2. Grant (various giving the stockholders preferential treatment systems) of various convenience
  3. Enforcement (questionnaires) of various stockholder measures
  4. Stockholder management (stockholder data making) based on laws and ordinances
Personal information about the staff, the public employee of government offices
  1. Professional necessary communication, report, inquiry to the competent authority
Personal information about the business partner companies, an officer, the employee of other companies
  1. Is necessary in duties;; communication, a business talk
  2. Business partner information management, payment, income processing
Personal information about the adoption applicant
  1. An offer, communication such as the employment information to an adoption applicant (including the internship)
  2. Adoption duties management in us
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